Believe it or Not: Trump has called for Clinton’s Assassination


Donald Trump has a campaign problem. The problem is his ego. He has a strong base that supports him regardless of what he says, or does. In fact it’s so strong that he told the world he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York and they would still vote for him.

Those supporters gave him a victory in the primaries. Here’s the problem though. Those supporters are nowhere near enough to give him a victory in the general election. In order for that to happen he must leave the adoration of his supporters to pull in those Republicans who don’t trust him along with independent voters.

Trump cannot do this. Trump is only comfortable speaking to people who scream his name, or scream derogatory comments at Democrats or other groups. He basks in this adoration because he is a narcissist and his supporters are blind to the fact that the vast majority of people reject his message.

Trump is stuck speaking to this same group of supporters over and over hearing their praise and thinking, “We are winning,” while he sinks farther and farther in the polls. He is like the King Who Has No Clothes. His advisers are afraid to tell him the truth for fear of being banished.

Trump and his supporters will go on believing that they are winning until Election Day when they will be forced to face the truth. However to the detriment of Americans, to this Democratic Republic and to the United States, Trump has already told them the truth and that truth is “the election is rigged” and that one way to insure the winner doesn’t get to make changes is to assassinate the other candidate.

Watch the people behind him in the video. They knew exactly what he meant and were shocked he said it.

Trump cannot take that statement back, nor can he walk it back, he put that out there and in some deranged mind Trump’s defeat and his words will justify their actions. Nothing he can say will change that now.

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