How do we fix America? It’s simple really


To change America we are all going to have to face some hard realities. These realities will have to be faced from the richest one percent to the least among us in order for this change to happen. The first reality is we are not all going to be equal monetarily. There will always be those that have more than us.

We should all be okay with that. But having more does not and cannot mean that you have it all.

Americans must stop believing that if I just work hard enough I can become a multi-millionaire or billionaire. This is never going to happen for 90 percent of us. It’s ludicrous to even to think that it could or should.

If it did who would pump the gas, checkout the groceries, build the house, teach, be the town clerk, and a hundred thousand other jobs that people do. This idea that we can all be exorbitantly rich is destroying our humanity and any future for our posterity.

I am going to explain how to change America. There will be those who say he just doesn’t understand how the economy works, wall street, and the free market system. I do understand it and I understand that those who are in control of it have used smoke and mirrors to make it sound complicated when in truth it’s quite simple. Here it is.

Raise wages and lower prices. Stop asking what the market will allow. Charging what the market will allow simply means people should and will make as much profit as possible. Instead of asking how much profit is possible, start asking how much profit is enough.

Wal-Mart made roughly $16 billion in profits in 2013. This was net profit after everything else was paid including their stockholders. What if by raising wages and lowering prices they only made $10 billion.  How much does one need to live well?

Instead of Albert Puhols making $275 million over ten years he only makes $100 million and the savings are passed on to the price of a ticket, popcorn, or hot dog, at the ballpark. Isn’t $100 million
enough?  BP oil made $4.13 billion in the first quarter of this year. How much profit is enough.

Americans have to change the idea that has somehow manifested itself into their beliefs that everyone should try to get as much as they possibly can. This belief system has created an America where the many are not getting what they deserve.

Raising wages and lowering prices will promote many things. First workers would be able to work a 40 hour a week job that would allow them a decent life style. By decent I am speaking of a home, car, food, a little savings perhaps and a small vacation once a year. Most Americans would be okay with that.

Those still earning $10 billion a year or a $100 million over ten years would still be in a socioeconomic group far out of reach of those workers. The difference would be those workers would still be content. As I mentioned before Americans understand that we cannot all be monetarily equal. No one expects that. They do however expect to be paid a livable wage for a 40 hour work week.

Workers earning enough to afford a decent life will also lead to less crime…cost of policing drops, be healthier…cost of insurance drops, a more engaged student body…a more educated work force and populace, will be more productive in their jobs, better products, more actively engaged in civic affairs…fewer incumbents if they fail to do their jobs, and an overall better sense of happiness and well being in the United States.

The goal of all citizens should be in building a better society. This will equate to fewer fears, better services and equality. I am not speaking of a utopia, I am speaking of a society where people who work are valued and people realize the value of that work no matter what that work might be.

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