Bush and Cheney must answer for their crimes


How do men like President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney just get to walk away from the terrible destruction they wrought. Hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, the loss of 5,000 American lives, over 40,000 maimed and wounded American service men and women and billions of dollars spent and unaccounted for. How do we as a nation just allow them to walk away from that?

These two men systematically lied to the American people. They allowed disinformation to become fact. They were the leaders. They had access to all kinds of high level intelligence. There were many people in many different agencies who questioned the evidence these men prepared their invasion of Iraq on.

Most governments as well as United Nations Arms inspectors felt that an invasion of Iraq was unwarranted based on the intelligence these men laid out for the world. Millions of people around the world protested this invasion.

In the end they were proved right. The end result is an extremely unstable Iraq and hundreds of thousands dead and wounded. Hundreds of thousands of family members of American servicemen and women continue to deal with the horrible effects that invasion has brought to their families.

President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney still have the audacity to speak in public. Vice-President Cheney is perhaps the worst of these two men as he shows absolutely no remorse for his actions, claiming he still believes he did the right thing. It’s likely Hitler would do the same.

This from a man who when given the chance to serve decided it was beneath him to wear the Uniform of the United States Military. This same man who found military service beneath him had no problem sending young military men and women to their death…or worse, while he profited financially from their death.

For the sake of all those lives lost and for all those maimed on both sides, these two men must be made to answer for their crimes.


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