Congress is the key to change not the Oval Office


Every two years, Americans get to vote in a national election. In one, they re-elect a Congress they despise; a Congress with approval ratings in the single digits. In the other, they vote for a candidate the media has selected for them. The American electorate is their own worst enemy.

Regardless of who wins the current Presidential Election the American people will surely be the losers once again. Neither Clinton or Trump has the power to fix the economy. The Economy is controlled by the Oligarchy and they own Congress; they don’t answer to Presidents.

If Congress were not so narcissistic, the 2014 midterm elections might have been a turning point in American history. However, listening to all the rhetoric since then by both the pundits and those in Congress itself, it’s clear this turning point will be missed.

If only Congress and their mouthpiece pundits realized that the election was not a victory for the Republican Party, nor a loss for the Democratic Party, but a repudiation of both branches of government, a repudiation of everything in Washington.

But, they haven’t and as a result, there are once again no winners, only losers. Two-thirds of the American electorate decided not to cast their ballots. Not all, but I suspect the majority, did so because they are fed up, they are disgusted with Washington and those who propose to be America’s leaders.

The message was loud and clear. The problem is the media pundits and Congress have blinders on and ear plugs in. They did not hear the American people screaming, “Shut up, listen to yourselves, you have missed the big picture,” and surely Congress and the media have missed it.

Many Americans I talk with are thinking the same thing, where is Congress? What are they doing? Congress has been marginalized and they no longer play a role in the governing of the United States. They are manipulated, like puppets on a string, by the oligarchy they serve, not unlike Saruman serving the Dark Lord, in the “Lord of the Rings.”

Like Saruman, they no longer speak their own truth but rather the lies of those they serve. Those lies are destroying the very fabric of this country and the only people who can save it are the American people. In order to do so, they must deafen themselves to the lies of both parties, band together and fight — with votes and massive protests.

Washington is lost, they are deaf to the people and the only way they will shut up long enough for reason to return is for people to mobilize in numbers so large that those in Washington can no longer ignore them.

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