American people are victims of their own apathy


There are so many things taking place in the United States that require the attention of its leaders. Leaders that are committed to getting America on the right path in creating jobs, in building the economy, in transforming the infrastructure, in transforming America’s foreign policy, and in transforming America’s political system.

If the leadership of this country became committed to these things then many of the other things that we see as problems might possibly take care of themselves. Things such as crime, education, and healthcare. But without a strong dedicated, invested leadership, none of this is going to happen.

The major problem in this country isn’t that hard to understand. It’s simple really; either raise wages or lower the costs of consumer goods. One of those two things have to change. Prices cannot continue to rise while wages remain stagnate. We are told that inflation in the United States is almost non-existent. This is at the very least misleading and at most a blatant lie. Inflation has been rising in the United States since the early 1990’s.

So where is the current leadership? Where are the men and women of Congress; those who are paid well by the American people to solve these problems?

They are not in Washington. They are out on the campaign trail, getting themselves reelected while the United States stumbles blindly into another war, while the income inequality widens ever further creating hardships for so many Americans struggling just to keep their heads above water. They are out on the campaign trail asking the people they are working for to reelect them to another term; they are fiddling while Rome burns.

The sad truth is most of them will be reelected. The American people are prisoners of a system that gives them just enough freedom to hang themselves with. That freedom is the belief that they are electing their own leaders. It would be better if the leaders of this country stripped Americans of their right to vote altogether. This may be the only thing that would make Americans pay attention enough to realize what is being done to them in the name of freedom and democracy.

However the current leadership of this country is far to smart to endanger their position of power by doing this. They understand that by allowing the people to believe they are in control of electing their leaders, effectively nullifies any power they might otherwise weld.

For left to our own devices, the American people have proven that we will reelect the same old tired leadership over and over again, and will do so unto their own destruction.

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