How Dictator’s are Created

The Truth no longer matters! What do you mean the Truth no longer matters? Just what I said, “The Truth no longer matters. Today the Truth is what people think it is and that’s all that matters.”

The Trump Administration understands that the Truth no longer matters to its supporters! That the Truth is what they say it is!

The only thing that matters are what the people believe or can be made to believe and many people believe that whatever Trump tweets or states, no matter how provocative or outlandish, is the Truth.

Once his followers, his minions, completely believe that whatever Trump says is Truth, then no other information no matter how factual or obvious will change their minds. Then they will have, perhaps unknowingly, yet still willingly, given up their freedom to a propaganda machine.

There are people I know and like who voted for Trump. I know they are convinced that he is the best person for this country at this time. I know they don’t understand how I can’t see this. This scares me even more.

Donald Trump is clearly a Snake Oil Salesman! He is a completely self-absorbed human being. His persona, his personality, is no different than Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein or a thousand other little dictators. The fact that he is now an American leader does not change this. Trump and his personality disorders are on the same level as those other men. It would be irresponsible of me to attempt to justify his behaviors and make him seem somehow nobler because he is American v German, Russian, or a leader from some other country.

The only difference in the outcome may be is if the Checks and Balances of our Democratic Republic can keep him from turning the United States into what those other dictators turned their countries into. I know that some people will think this is a belief way beyond the pale and that I should get a grip on reality.

I encourage those who think this to take a look at Germany, before Hitler; a man who was also elected by the people and how many Germans supported and believed in this man before he took them and their country to places we as a nation do not want to go! He did this by convincing them that his Truth was the only Truth.

I’ve spoken to many people for whom this election has left them with a sense of foreboding, as if as a nation we have entered unchartered water and they are unsure of and leery of what lies ahead. I’ve also spoken too many who are excited because they believe the political machine has been beaten and a future of prosperity and less government control and military strength lies ahead.

The days and months ahead have never been more uncertain for the United States but if as American citizens we allow the Trump Administration to determine for us what the Truth is then we will deserve the country we inherit.

Trumps Double-Speak

Donald Trump railed against Hillary Clinton’s close relationship with Goldman Sachs saying, she was in bed with them. He then turns around and appoints current and former executives of Goldman Sachs to be part of his Cabinet.

Donald Trump said he opposed the Iraq War and was going to make America Great Again beginning at home. However his appointment of General Michael Flynn as his White House National Security Advisor, a man who has stated that Militant Islam is a cancer that needs to be eradicated and that Sharia Law is spreading in the United States, should make Americans very nervous about his real intentions.

 Add to this that he also appointed Retired Marine Corps General  James  Mattis to be Secretary of Defense knowing that (Mad Dog) Mattis , “Sometimes it’s fun to shoot people,” has shown he is  strongly opposed to Iran and believes it’s a danger to Middle East stability, should again  have Americans wondering what he real plans are for America’s continued involvement in the Middle East.

He also appointed Steven Bannon, as White House Chief strategist.  Prior to this Bannon had been running Breitbart news. Breitbart, started by Andrew Breitbart , a staunch supporter of Israel who favored the Right Wing Likud Party is the newspaper favored by the Alt-Right. The Likud Party was extremely opposed to the United States-Iran Nuclear Treaty.  These three appointments do not create confidence in Trumps, Make America Great Again, beginning at home theme.

With his proposed tax cuts where does the money come from to engage further in the Middle East with perhaps another war taking place, this time with Iran while still making America Great Again, beginning at home.

Trump has also stated that as President he will protect the rights of all Americans. However his tweets about protesters, the press, Hamilton, and Saturday Night Live which are all covered under the First Amendment should have all Americans concerned. The fact that he does not tweet at three in the morning about White supremacists screaming Heil Trump, while giving the Nazi salute should frighten us all.

The Truth be Damned

The Truth no longer matters. What do you mean the truth no longer matters? Just what I said, “The truth no longer matters. Today the truth is what people think it is and that’s all that matters.” To prove my point here is and exchange between Newt Gingrich and a reporter on CNN after Trump’s nomination.

The CNN reporter suggested Trump was overselling fear. “Violent crime across the country is down,” she said. “We’re not under siege.”

Gingrich waved that off: “The average American, I will bet you this morning, does not think crime is down; does not think they are safer.

Reporter: “But we are safer and it is down.”

Gingrich: “No, that’s your view.”

Reporter: “It’s a fact.”

Gingrich: “The current view is that liberals have a whole set of statistics which theoretically may be right, but it’s not where human beings are. People are frightened.”

The reporter noted figures from the FBI — no liberal bastion — say crime is down.

Gingrich: “No, but what I said is equally true. People feel it.”

Reporter: “They feel it, yes, but the facts don’t support it.”

Gingrich: “As a political candidate, I’ll go with how people feel and I’ll let you go with the theoreticians.”

Gingrich is right. People do not want the truth today. They want their feelings to be validated. Don’t tell me I’m safer today than ever before, I am afraid, tell me I have a reason to be afraid and the politician that validates those voters’ feelings gets his vote.

If I asked people, how many of you know someone who has died of cancer almost everyone would tell me they do. If I asked them how many of you know someone who has died as a result of drug or alcohol addiction or from a car accident most would tell me they do.

If I asked the same group, how many of you know someone who has been killed by a terrorist, been murdered, been robbed not many would know someone. But they would tell me out of all of those things they fear the terrorist the most. Why? Because the people who want their vote are tapping into their fears, as irrational as those fears are to them they are real and that’s all that matters. The truth be damned!


The Perfect Storm

Many Democrats were completely unprepared and stunned by the outcome of the Presidential election and rightly so. They had listened and believed the mainstream media telling them the Republican Party was finished and it was finished due to the Far Right Wing Christian Evangelicals. Fast forward to after the election and it’s exactly the opposite. The Democratic Party is finished at least for now and the Far Right Christian Evangelicals of the Republican Party have taken control with a Republican Congress they hope will do their bidding. So where does this go from here?

Mike Pence stated the person he would most emulate as Vice-President is Dick Cheney. This is frightening because President Elect-Trump has informed Mike Pence that he will be the one running Foreign and Domestic Policy. The most likely reason for this is, Trump has no understanding of politics nor does he have any real interest in learning about it. He is in this for the business end of it and the profits it brings to the Trump Brand.

It’s also worth noting that Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater an American Private Military Company and Security Firm that was contracted by the U.S. government during the war in Iraq, donated money to the Pence Campaign. A number of Blackwater employees were accused of murdering civilians in Iraq and convicted.

What does a Far Right Christian Evangelical Republican Party want? If you are paying attention you already know. They want to roll back Roe v Wade, Gay Rights, Civil Rights, voting rights, Separation of Church and State, severely limit immigration, outlaw Islam, and go to war with Iran and that’s just for starters.

There will be attacks on Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, Right to Privacy, along with attacks on who is covered or not covered under due process.

Trumps picks for his cabinet should be a real warning to all those blue collar workers who voted for him. Many of these picks bring on board former Goldman Sachs Executives; the very same executives Trump told his supporters Clinton was in bed with. This is how he has “Drained the Swamp” If those blue collar workers who voted for Trump believe these executives have their best interests in mind, then they have been fooled for a second time.  Many of these men are the same ones that helped bring on the Great Recession.

In the 2000 Presidential Election Al Gore won the popular vote and lost the election to George Bush a political novice. He became the puppet for Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Poindexter and the policies they wanted. The election of Trump is almost an exact parallel including losing the popular vote. He is a political novice who is surrounding himself with people who will easily convince Trump of what needs to be done.

The people he is surrounding himself with are also staunch Zionist who support the Likud Party in Israel. The Likud party was adamantly opposed to the United States Treaty with Iran and will do anything to undermine it. Trump has also named Retired Marine Corp General, James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and who also favors a hard line with Iran. Throw in General Michael Flynn who will be Trumps Defense Advisor in the White House and who has said of Islam that it’s like a cancer that needs to be eradicated and you have all the earmarks for another war.

The picture should be getting very clear here and it’s creating the Perfect Storm. With the Bush Administration it was Iraq with the Trump Administration it will be Iran. If it plays out the same way we are looking at another long war with no way of paying for it and a major recession before it’s over.