Trumps Double-Speak

Donald Trump railed against Hillary Clinton’s close relationship with Goldman Sachs saying, she was in bed with them. He then turns around and appoints current and former executives of Goldman Sachs to be part of his Cabinet.

Donald Trump said he opposed the Iraq War and was going to make America Great Again beginning at home. However his appointment of General Michael Flynn as his White House National Security Advisor, a man who has stated that Militant Islam is a cancer that needs to be eradicated and that Sharia Law is spreading in the United States, should make Americans very nervous about his real intentions.

 Add to this that he also appointed Retired Marine Corps General  James  Mattis to be Secretary of Defense knowing that (Mad Dog) Mattis , “Sometimes it’s fun to shoot people,” has shown he is  strongly opposed to Iran and believes it’s a danger to Middle East stability, should again  have Americans wondering what he real plans are for America’s continued involvement in the Middle East.

He also appointed Steven Bannon, as White House Chief strategist.  Prior to this Bannon had been running Breitbart news. Breitbart, started by Andrew Breitbart , a staunch supporter of Israel who favored the Right Wing Likud Party is the newspaper favored by the Alt-Right. The Likud Party was extremely opposed to the United States-Iran Nuclear Treaty.  These three appointments do not create confidence in Trumps, Make America Great Again, beginning at home theme.

With his proposed tax cuts where does the money come from to engage further in the Middle East with perhaps another war taking place, this time with Iran while still making America Great Again, beginning at home.

Trump has also stated that as President he will protect the rights of all Americans. However his tweets about protesters, the press, Hamilton, and Saturday Night Live which are all covered under the First Amendment should have all Americans concerned. The fact that he does not tweet at three in the morning about White supremacists screaming Heil Trump, while giving the Nazi salute should frighten us all.

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