Destructing Bannon’s Administrative State


Fair But Unbalanced-Steve Bannon the man that would be President states, he is going to destruct the Administrative State. The Administrative State (AS), too many people might mean the Swamp they have been hearing so much about. However, the (AS) to Bannon and his pack of ultra-conservatives, is much more than that.

The (AS) is the one the conservatives have been talking about bringing down since it started. The programs and policies started by Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression are what Bannon is referring to and in his mind makes up the Administrative State. The (AS) is often referred to by conservatives as the Welfare State.

There will be many who will support Bannon in his endeavors; people who have been primed for many years by those who control the information. It’s the same old story line. The people that are really hurting America and putting us in debt are those who reap benefits from the hard working American Taxpayer but do not want to work.

These people believe that the social programs started under FDR, have multiplied and can no longer be, nor should they be supported by the American Taxpayer. They are led to believe that if these programs were eliminated that their tax burden would be lifted, the dead wood would be forced to find work and all would be Great Again in America. That’s the big lie and it has been told over and over and over again so that now it’s accepted as the Gospel Truth.

Bannon’s plan will be good for only one group of people and those are the people who control the information, the banks, the politicians, the corporations and the military industrial complex. The problem is not the Administrative State that Bannon and Company are trying to convince the American people of, it’s the Crony Capitalism State that he and all those I just mentioned enrich themselves from.

Many of these major companies refer to their welfare as Subsidies. This has a nicer ring to it than does welfare; welfare being reserved for those who do not have the power to fight back or to respond to. These are the men that are destroying the economic and moral leadership of the United States and they are doing it for the same age old reason, profits. If you want the real answer you follow the money. This never changes.

These men, these banks, these corporations have come a long way since the Great Depression. Today it’s so much easier to hide profits in off-shore accounts-phantom businesses and ponzi schemes then it was then and the profits are much higher. Those profits, the money they are making often on the backs of third world laborers v American workers are not being taxed and the American worker is being made to subsidize these people.

But even then because these people control the information they get the very people they are stealing from to support them, to stand up for them and to vote for them. It is perhaps the Greatest Ponzi Scheme ever to be pulled on the American people. I have to applaud them for their due diligence in pulling it off.

Steve Bannon talks about Economic Nationalism and putting Tariffs on goods coming in from other countries and his supporters scream their support. Why? They do so because they look at their country and see it as losing its standing in the world not only economically and militarily but also as a moral leader. This makes them angry and afraid and so they believe the United States should strike back and show people just how important the U.S. really is.  All of this is based on fear and when actions are taken based on fear they have a way of making things worse.

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1933 was an action taken based on the very same reasons. The country had been hit by the Wall Street Crash, people were losing jobs. By 1933 almost 15 million people were out of work and almost half the banks in the U.S. had failed, fear was rampant, ushering in the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs Act.

However it had the opposite effect of what was intended. Other countries started to put tariffs on their own goods leading to fewer exports from the U.S. in turn leading to more people losing their jobs. In today’s globalized economy it’s possible that another tariff act could be even worse. Many economic historians believe that the Smoot-Hawley Act only deepened and prolonged the Great Depression.

None of this will matter to the people who control the information, the banks, the politicians, the corporations and the military industrial complex, for even when really bad times come, they continue to make profits. Americans are often blinded by their own patriotism and they believe that all these people I have mentioned share that same patriotism. Donald Trump told them, I too am a Patriot and so they believe him.

To these people Patriot and Patriotism are just words and it has been said that Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. For them it’s surely that and they are using it to fleece the American people of their last shreds of dignity and when they are done, will leave them with little to begin again.


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