Trump: You Can’t Handle The Truth

There is a big difference between what Trump says and what actually happens. Many of the orders he signs makes it look to his supporters that he is jumping on things and moving mountains that before were tied up in Red Tape. However a read of those orders show that they mean very little and unless many of them are acted on by Congress nothing will ever become of them.

For instance the Border Wall. His signing of an order to have it built means nothing. Congress must vote to authorize the billions of dollars it will take to do this and it’s not likely that authorization is coming any time soon.

He makes these grand gestures with the press watching and his supporters get all pumped up and his opponents get all worked up but in reality little to nothing has changed except Trump. In all of this he perhaps has come to the realization that running a country especially one the size of the United States is not like running a business into the ground.

He has found that he can’t just say make an order and everybody has to follow it or their fired. He has found that the checks and balances in the American Government do work and people are more than willing to stand up and challenge him.

All of this must be getting dreadfully dull for him after only three weeks; meetings every day, security briefs the occasional firing of one of your highly touted White House Advisers, shaking the hands of  a few world leaders, to the point of embarrassment.  The former host of The Apprentice must be like, “If this is all there is to the Presidency, why anybody could do it so why am I here. I am better than this and Arnold is crashing the ratings on the Apprentice.”

It’s hard to imagine this man willing to stick around long in a job that is quickly becoming mundane and boring for a man whose view of his own talents and stature are prolific!  I suspect if he were to tell Americans the truth he would ask for a do over and let somebody else take over.

Is it possible he could resign? If the National Security Advisers resignation leads to calls for Congressional Hearing and being called to testify come around I suspect he would resign rather quickly. He is not a man that can stand to be questioned or feels that he should be and certainly not in the capacity as President. He could very well answer as Jack Nicholson did in “A Few Good Men” when a lawyer told him he wants the truth. Nicholson answers, “You can’t handle the truth! Son we live in in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You?

Well we all know what happened to Nicholson after that! Therefore I think Americans should not be surprised if this man offers up his resignation before his impeachment begins.

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